Why Hire Joan?

Joan von Ohlen of Joan’s Personalized Paris can help you discover YOUR Paris with personalized recommendations that unearth gems that generic guidebooks fail to mention. Whether it’s your first time in this magical city or a repeat visit, her services allow you to enhance the experience by tailoring itineraries that showcase your personal interests, be they foodie finds, beguiling architecture, guided visits and tastings, special museum exhibits, outdoor opportunities, or shopping in unique boutiques. Along with practical recommendations for airport and city transportation and tips on how Paris works, Joan’s Personalized Paris can help you get the most out of your visit to the magical and captivating City of Light.. Read more about how I've helped clients.


Our services are designed to meet a variety of needs. Choose the service that’s right for you! Personalized recommendations on everything from lodging, restaurants, pre-trip reading, art expos, day trips outside of Paris, depending on your needs and interests. Daily itineraries based on your interests, time constraints and preferred travel pace with maps, transportation directions and suggestions for meals. Trip coaching to help you make decisions while planning your trip on your own. Arrival orientation to familiarize you with the city to make you feel at home in Paris right from your arrival. Bundled pricing is available for certain services. Click here for services detail, pricing and purchase. .