Picnic on the Train – what a lunch!

July 27th, 2012

The French really do know how to live!  Three guys sitting across the aisle from me on a recent train trip  from Paris were a perfect example of ‘savoir vivre’, the art of living.  No store-bought sandwiches for these folks!

Barely ten minutes into the trip the three friends started unpacking their lunch provisions.  First came two types of bread – a baguette and a half loaf of pain Polaine (a rustic sourdough from one of France’s most renowned bakers).  Then the corkscrews and a couple of bottles of wine.  But it was when the real wine glasses were brought out that I really sat up and started to take notice.  To that was added a couple of tins of pâté (pheasant and foie gras), made by the father of one of the men.  And all of the conversation was about wine and food (three hours non-stop!).

I was fascinated and so wanted a picture.  But I hesitated to intrude.  Finally I did ask it I could take a picture – they were fine with this and even asked me to take a couple of pictures of them which of course I was happy to do.  I’d gone back to my book when one of them asked me if I’d like to taste the pâté; after a 2-second hesitation, I responded in the affirmative.  And then they brought out a 4th glass and asked if I’d like to try the wine!  And then of course, after all this, came the cheese course.  Needless to say, when I arrived at my destination, I was no longer in need of lunch!

So for your next train trip in France follow this example and dine in style.  Or simply feast in a park in Paris!  Just remember to pack that corkscrew!

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