Nuit blanche Paris 2012

October 15th, 2012

A week ago Saturday night was Paris’s 11th Nuit blanche (sleepless night).  It was (unfortunately) a rather wet night but (fortunately) rather mild.  If I’ve got my figures right attendance was down from last year’s 2.5 million visitors (better weather) but even so over 2 million (Parisians and tourists) wandered the damp and atmospheric streets of Paris along the Seine to take in the many video, light and sound installations.  Events ranged from the dramatic (a flame throwing barge that navigated the Seine from the Pont d’Alma to the Bibliothèque nationale François Mitterand to a bread baking demonstration (with free bread for all!) orchestrated by an association of professional bakers).  Programming ran from 7 pm to 5 am.  Certain metros ran all night long to make it easy to for the real night owls to get around, night buses ran more frequently than normal and transportation was free after 2 am!  A huge shout out to the city of Paris who makes this possible year after year!

And while you may have missed Nuit blanche in Paris this year, you can start planning for 2013.  While the date has not yet been set, it’s usually the first Saturday in October.

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