Taking in a concert in Paris – Melody Gardot

November 21st, 2012

Paris attracts orchestras, bands, soloists of all genres from all over the world.  So if you’re a music lovely consider taking in a concert during your stay in Paris!  Unless you live in NY (and even then) you stand a good chance of seeing something that you wouldn’t back home.  Take Melody Gardot, a wonderful young American jazz singer – she last played Minneapolis (where I’m from) in 2010.  But just a couple of weeks ago I got to hear her when she played at the Olympia, a fabled Paris music venue.  She did 3 shows, all sold out and so much in demand that she’ll be back in April!  She’s wonderful and she’s got a stellar group that backs her up!  She puts on a great show and, after over 2 hours on stage, she still had gas!  Me, I was tired but of so content!

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