Easter Chocolates!

March 25th, 2013

Easter inspires chocolate makers in France – their wares go way beyond chocolate eggs and rabbits to bells (in France Catholic tradition says that the church bells – which are silent during Holy Week – fly to Rome then, returning for Easter) and fish (in France April Fool’s is ‘poisson d’avril’ or April fish and since April 1st falls close to fish are also associated with Easter).

Here for you viewing pleasure are several photos from Patrick Roger, one of my favorite chocolatiers in Paris (he’s part artisan chocolate maker, part sculptor whose medium happens to be chocolate!),  the Maison du Chocolat, Franck Kestener, Hugo & Victor and Jacques Genin.  Remember, they’re all made of chocolate, just chocolate!  None of this comes cheap but the window shopping is almost as much fun as the eating!  Almost…  Enjoy regardless!

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