The 100th Tour de France

July 8th, 2013

The Tour de France will finish in Paris on July 21st (cyclists among you already know this!).  But even if you’re not in Paris on the 21st to watch the arrival of the riders, to celebrate the 100th Tour de France there’s a great exhibit of  80 photos that traces its 100 year history on the fence of the Luxembourg Gardens (near the Boulevard Saint-Michel).  I found the photos from the early days of the tour to be the most fascinating.  And in case you’re questioning why this year is the 100th Tour de France – the tour started in 1903 and has been run every year except during the two world wars.

Enjoy these photos – or go see them for yourself!  The exhibit will be up until July 27th, 2013

Image 1 Image 3 Image DSC07613 DSC07616


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