C’est la rentrée !

September 2nd, 2013

C’est la rentrée !  Translation – the return.  Hint: in France this means way more than back to school.  While it does mean that for all but university students, it’s also back to life after the August vacations that shuttered many small businesses and emptied many cities, Paris included.  Paris comes back to life as shops reopen, residents return and reconnect with neighbors and friends and everyone shares stories from their vacations.  Everything starts anew – while it marks an end (to vacations) it’s also a new beginning.  So, along with ‘la entrée scolaire’ (back to school) you have ‘la rentrée litteraire’ (this year 555 new novels, 357 French, 198 foreign translated into French will be released) and the new cultural season (opera, ballet, theatre, etc.).  And at least for now summer weather is lingering in Paris making September a great time to visit!  Bonne rentrée !


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