Fête des vendanges – in Paris?

October 10th, 2013

Yes, there is a small vineyard in Paris (on the back side of Montmartre with gamay and pinot noir grapes that produce about 1000 bottles a year).  This year marks the  80th edition!  Running from October 9 until this Sunday, October 13th, there are many events including a parade this Saturday (with Mayor Delanoë in attendance), the 12th, starting at 3PM from the Mairie du 18e, place Jules Joffrin, and ending at the Place Saint Pierre, at the foot of Sacré Coeur.  Have a glass in hand in case they offer your samples along the route!  Follow up the parade with food/wine tastings at the many stands near Sacré Coeur or come for the fireworks planned for the foot of Sacré Coeur at 9:45 (get there early is you want a good spot!).  You can find a link to the full program in PDF here and here.



One of this year’s posters:



Dignitaries of the Republic of Montmartre



And the vineyards (with netting to protect the grapes from the birds!)


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