Winter Sale Time!

January 13th, 2014

These days there are sale days here and there throughout the year in France but the big events are still the twice yearly sales (January and July), with dates set by the government.   The big winter sale started in Paris on January 8 and run until February 11.  Virtually all retail stores (but especially clothing – in all price ranges) will have serious markdowns.  If you’re starting your sale shopping now you’ve missed the first crazy week.  But don’t despair – there are still lots of deals out there, especially as stores start to take their 2nd markdown (2e démarque).  With the weak dollar, these sales make French fashion (almost) affordable.  And if you’ll miss the winter sales there’s always summer (summer sales run from late June through July; stay tuned for exact dates).  You can start planning (and dreaming) now!






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