Chandeleur is coming tomorrow!

February 1st, 2014

Like crêpes?  Then the festival of Chandeleur (Candlemass), celebrated every year on February 2nd, is for you! (Hmm, that’s Groundhog Day – you have to wonder about a link…) While probably pagan in origin Chandeleur was incorporated into Christian tradition and eventually became associated with crêpes in France, Belgium and Switzerland.  Tradition in these countries says that if you (successfully) flip a crêpe (faire sauter les crêpes) while holding a coin in your other hand it will bring prosperity to your family for the coming year.  Obviously you don’t need to be in France to observe this holiday since you can make crêpes at home.  But, if you’re visiting Paris and don’t want to cook, the newspaper Le Figaro published an article listing their 5 favorite crêperies.  Or you can buy them at sidewalk stands or in most bakeries this time of year.  Enjoy – wherever you are!




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