May in France – one long weekend after another!

May 3rd, 2014

The month of May is riddled with holidays in France.  And when they fall on a Thursday, as many of them do this year, the French sure know how to ‘faire le pont’, literally make the bridge, to give themselves a long weekend.  So this May the ‘ponts’ start with May Day (May 1), followed by VE Day (Victory in Europe Day on May 8th), followed by Ascension on May 29.  You get the picture.  Oh, and then there’s Pentecost Monday on June 9th.  What all this means for the traveler is that on these holidays many many things will be closed, including certain museums, along with many small shops as owners take advantage of the long weekends to get away themselves.  But not all holidays are created equal – on May 1 almost everything is shut up tight as a drum and about the only thing you can buy is lily-of-the-valley bouquets from street vendors all over Paris!  A bit more will be open on the other holidays which for some reason are less universally observed.  Enjoy the special rhythm of holidays in France.  But plan ahead!


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