Summer sales are coming!

June 23rd, 2014

The big summer sale period in France is about to start!  With dates regulated by the government, this year’s summer sales run from June 25th (this Wednesday) until July  29th, 2014.  Most retail stores participate in some way – including higher-end brands.  And surveys suggest that over 80% of the French plan to participate!  Some spend the days and weeks leading up to the start scouting the stores for treasures, the better to pounce on Day 1.  Others prefer to wait until the initial crush has subsided and take their chances.  Or wait for the 2nd markdown (2ième démarque) to get an even better deal a week or two into the sale period.  If you go the first day or two be prepared for crowds – if not a feeding frenzy!  On you mark, set, go (on Wednesday!).  And bring back a better souvenir than a T-shirt emblazoned with ‘Paris’!


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