A train station?

August 14th, 2014

Really?  This bench is, well, a train stop (l’Isthme) if not a station. It’s my favorite stop that the Tire-Bouchon, a summer only train (July & August, daily; weekends in June & September), that links Auray to Quiberon in Brittany.  When I took it 15 or so years ago the seats were barely padded wooden benches.  But last week I found that it’s been modernized – but still fun.  And it allows you to visit the Quiberon peninsula without having to rent a car.  Auray is served by the TGV so it’s only about 3 hours from Paris.

A word about the train’s name.  A tire-bouchon is a corkscrew but a bouchon is also a traffic jam.  Since there’s only one road into the peninsula traffic jams during high season are common.  So the Tire-Bouchon pulls you out of that mess!

If you use l’Isthme as your stop (near campsites and beaches on both sides) hope for good weather!


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