More on Easter in France

April 15th, 2016

Chocolate is king at Easter, in France as in the US.  But in France, while you can find chocolate bunnies, you also find bells (cloches) and fish/shellfish (fritures).  For the bells, it’s in honor of a legend that all the church bells return to Rome for Easter.  With the fish, it’s supposedly a reference to 2 New Testament miracles (when the inhabitants of Galilee had a catch so large that it tore the nets and another where Jesus -resurrected – appeared to Peter, after which he caught 53 large fish in his nets).  French chocolate makers adopted this tradition in the 19th century.  Today, you can find fritures in almost every chocolate boutique in Paris around Easter!  Here’s my haul (a mixture of dark and milk chocolate but you can also find all dark – which is probably more popular)!

IMG_7952 IMG_7953

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