Musée de la vie romantique – exhibit Pierre-Joseph Redouté

May 21st, 2017

The Musée de la vie romantique in the 9th, a haven of calm and green for the city-weary traveler, is worth a visit this time of year for its lovely garden and little café.  And this spring the plus is a small exhibit of the work of Pierre-Joseph Redouté (The Power of Flowers), an 18th century painter and botanist.  A large part of his work was documenting plants being discovered as part of the colonial explorations of the period, a fascinating intersection of science, history and art.  The written commentary is only in French but there’s a visioguide in both French and English.  A delight for flower lovers!

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 – 6

16, rue Chaptal
75009 Paris

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