Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the ideal lead time for planning?
Plans can be prepared for you within a week or less of your departure. However, if you need lodging recommendations, two or three months in advance (or more) is advisable, especially if price is important. Two months in advance for restaurant reservations at some of the more popular destinations. If your lead-time is short, lodging suggestions will be sent ahead of your completed package.

Will you make lodging reservations?
Sorry but no. Hotel reservations require deposits to hold and we’re not set up to handle 3rd-party payments.

How will you get to know me to determine my needs and interests?
Within 48-hours of payment you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire via e-mail to start the process. Your responses will undoubtedly lead to other questions. Follow-up will be either via e-mail or phone calls, depending on needs and preferences.

Do you offer other services (e.g. Will you meet me at the airport? Will you accompany me on an outing?)
Please contact us with special requests.

Why not just use a guide book?

Guide books are impersonal and reflect the perspective of their writer and editor, which may or may not synch with your expectations.  And unless it had just been updated information may not be current.  This is also true for many internet sites.  And they certainly don’t let you know about metro stations, hotels or restaurants that are closed for renovation or strikes in the offing!

Won’t knowing too much spoil the sense of  adventure?

On the contrary, the goal of Joan’s Personalized Paris is to prepare you for the adventure!  You’re still free to lose yourself in the city and at the same time see and do the things you’ve dreamed of for your trip to Paris.