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Summer sales are coming!

June 23rd, 2014

The big summer sale period in France is about to start!  With dates regulated by the government, this year’s summer sales run from June 25th (this Wednesday) until July  29th, 2014.  Most retail stores participate in some way – including higher-end brands.  And surveys suggest that over 80% of the French plan to participate!  Some spend the days and weeks leading up to the start scouting the stores for treasures, the better to pounce on Day 1.  Others prefer to wait until the initial crush


Manufacture Prelle – Elegance & Fabrics of the Gatsby Era

December 12th, 2013

Manufacture Prelle, which has created and produced fabric for walls and furniture since 1752 (that’s right, 1752) has a fascinating exhibit in their Paris showroom of art deco designed fabric.  It’s a wonderful tie-in to the exhibit ‘1925 When Art Deco Seduced the World’ now on at the Cité d’Architecture.  That exhibit focused primarily on architecture, posters and objects so the Prelle exhibit is a nice extension.  In addition to fabric it includes several period dresses, hats and fans borrowed from private collections along with