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Those charming French!

November 13th, 2012

While many Paris visitors comment that the French are rude, I think there are an equal number of stories that show how charming the French can be.  Take this story:  before heading out to enjoy Nuit Blanche I met clients at a simple cafe at the Place du Châtelet at the very start of their week in Paris.  Later that week, near the end of their stay, they returned to that same cafe for dinner.  My client’s description of the exchange says it all:   ‘The owner


The French – Sometimes They Get a Bad Rap!

March 11th, 2012

People love to complain about the French.  Sometimes tourists feel that the French are being rude or arrogant when they refuse to respond to your French because they don’t like it when tourists massacre their language (and sometimes this is probably the case).  But in my experience, sometimes this is more to help you out or expedite things.  Or sometimes it’s a generous gift… The other night I was huddled under my umbrella in front of a theatre before a play, waiting for a friend