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May 1 = National Holiday: Plan around it!

May 1st, 2013

In France, May 1st is Labor Day (la fête du travail), celebrated by giving lily of the valley and, of course, not working – which means that most everything is closed in France today!  Many bakeries will however be open (bread is essential after all to the French), along with movie theaters and a few museums.  And of course parks (if only the sun would come out).  In addition, there are usually several parades organized by the unions, at least in the major cities (which


A Day at the Races

April 22nd, 2013

Horse racing anyone? Sundays through May 12, admission to the fabled Longchamps racetrack in suburban Paris is free (ditto for the racetrack at Auteuil).  Accessible by public transit.  Titled ‘Dimanche au Galop’ there are special activities (including for )  as well.  And if horse racing is an interest, why not let me arrange a private visit for you with an American trainer working in France, get a French perspective on this sport and a behind the scenes tour?  


The 2013 Paris Marathon

April 8th, 2013

The 2013 Paris marathon – was yesterday.  What’s interesting to me was not who won but that French women are running in ever greater numbers!  Jogging came late to France – in the 70s running in Paris (not to mention outside of Paris) brought stares as if I were an alien.  But in the run-up to this year’s marathon there was even a report on the TV news about French women and why they’ve become runners!  As they say, you’ve come a long way baby… That

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