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Thanks again for your assistance in making our trip to Paris memorable! …  Your recommendations were exceptional and our choice (of a restaurant) a disaster ?

Daphne, California, May 2017


Joan was the perfect resource for our short trip to Paris, giving us guidance and suggestions, without a structured itinerary…  We highly recommend Joan’s Personalized Paris for anyone considering a trip to Paris.  The value of her services far outweighs the minimal cost.

SH – St. Paul, MN, February, 2017


I’ve been coming to Paris since I was a child so I like to think I know the city. But Joan knows Paris better than I ever did, and better than many Parisians. She knows what’s going on now—exhibits, shows, operas, movies—and she knows the best way to get you there (it’s easy to forget the fine points of navigating buses and metro). She knows what restaurants are good, both old ones and new ones that keep springing up. She points out recent additions to the city-scape: a new engraving on a wall near St-Sulpice of Rimbaud’s most famous poem (Le bâteau ivre); an artist whose ingenious outdoor work crops up in unexpected places. She took me to Paris’s Nuit blanche – I had never even heard of Nuit blanche. It was fun to pass all this on to my native Parisian friends, who mostly didn’t know of these things, either!  Most of all, being with Joan is great fun in itself!

KK – Hammond, LA, October 2013


Like others who wrote,  my husband and I had been to Paris a few times before.  This time, we ended up in the city after a river boat cruise, but only had 3 days to see new sights.  Joan gathered information from us and worked up a plan that we tweaked, with her further input, then used as tightly or loosely as we wanted.  Restaurants, unusual venues and sights we’d missed before were all on our itinerary.  Of course, we asked questions before and during our trip about the best ways to get places,  such as where we could buy the best macarons and chocolate,  and how to get to a “hidden” garden in the heart of the city.  She arranged a walking tour that was lovely, covering the French Revolution, an interest of ours.  Now, we will always use Joan to maximize our time in Paris, even if it means finding lovely spots to picnic between sights.  We had an outstanding lunch with Joan the last day at a lovely place we would never have found in a guidebook.  Get to know Joan and her exemplary service.  You will be delighted you did.

MA, Los Angeles CA, September 2013


In spite of feeling quite comfortable planning a trip to Paris on my own, I made the decision to consult with Joan just to see what other ideas she might have.  For starters, she researched hotels and suggested two.  After reviewing the location and amenities offered by each and comparing these to other hotels I was familiar with, I booked one that she had recommended, which saved me $50/night.  I was delighted with the hotel…!  Joan’s restaurant suggestions included helpful hints about reservations, etc.  As far as cultural activities; Joan asked about my areas of interest and then made suggestions on theaters and museums that I had never heard of.  She also recommended a company that offered walking tours of Paris that turned out to be excellent.  Her suggestions regarding transportation options in Paris were very helpful, as were her suggestions regarding the purchase of travel insurance.  No question I would use Joan’s Personalized Paris again!

BB, Los Altos, CA, July 2013


I’m a travel writer who celebrates the best of local food in my stories, so I’m eager to follow the up-and-coming chefs of Paris. Of course I read reports in the major food and travel magazines, but I have found that Joan’s recommendations are both ahead of the curve and under the radar—just what I’m seeking to discover—and often located in neighborhoods where tourists seldom venture and wouldn’t discover on their own.

CW – Minneapolis MN


Joan was invaluable to me upon my arrival in Paris, largely due to her wealth of knowledge regarding the French culture. What sets Joan apart from the rest is how intuitively she understands the subtle cultural quirks of Parisians, and how successfully she helps a newcomer navigate them. I will always remember the time we were eating at a restaurant together on the beautiful Rue Daguerre, and Joan said, “You’re talking at a normal level for you, but it is too loud for the rest of the French people in the restaurant!” Thankfully I learned that early in my stay and avoided being a rude American! The key to getting the most from your trip is learning how the French operate, and ultimately discovering that they don’t live up to their “mean” stereotype at all. The best way to do this is by getting advice from Joan!

DM, Denver


Wow! Joan plays Paris like an impresario….she lends you her wide- ranging knowledge of Paris to make a very rich experience for you while you’re there. We gave her two of our interests, chocolate and music, and within hours of our arrival she had us in three of the best chocolate shops in Paris, and arranged for us to go to a book signing where we met Paris’ top chocolatier of the moment, Patrick Roger. She managed to snag tickets at the Opera  which the internet said were “sold-out”, and made reservations at trendy  lunch spots which only Parisians reading the local press know about (and only Parisians could find!)  in the back passageways of Paris. If you’re looking to max out your time in Paris, Joan’s ideas can really help.

MF, Minneapolis MN, March 2013


All went well thanks to your great help.
We so enjoyed our brief visit and you saw to it that it moved smoothly.

ST, Los Angeles CA, January 2013


Recently, I recently found myself in a pickle.  I needed to find an affordable hotel in Paris  for a trip – at the height of tourist season no less – a week in advance of my travel dates.  Worse, I didn’t know the areas to look in.  What would be close enough?  What might not be close, but with good options for public transit? Which places look good on paper, but might turn out to be a traveler’s nightmare?  Joan put her local knowledge to work and provided a list of options in short order. She pointed  me to hotels of which she had direct knowledge, providing a sense of security I would not have found using “search near by” on google.  Joan saved the day.  Having seen her problem solving and local knowledge in action, I will definitely use her service next time I plan a more leisurely trip.

ED, Minneapolis MN, June 2012


Joan is wonderful facilitator! I had already been to Paris multiple times and wanted to go to places that I had never been to before. After inquiring about my specific interests, Joan gave me terrific suggestions of museums, expositions and cafes to go to. And what’s more, she showed me the quickest ways to go to and from all of the spots I had chosen! I really recommend Joan’s Personalized Paris because she knows the city like the back of her hand and she really enjoys helping other people fall in love with it too. Simply in conversation, one can tell that Joan is up to date on all the current happenings in Paris. She also has great ideas for things to do in the evenings—just as important as the daytime! If you get a chance to spend some time with her, she has some really funny stories as well about her transition from life in America to life in Paris. Thanks to Joan for helping me make the most of my experience!

KL, Washington D.C.